Coding Tip of the Month

CPT Coding and Billing Updates for 2019
Here are the most recent 2019 coding updates that physician’s should be aware of to ensure accuracy in coding and billing for MRI Breast Exams and new codes of Chronic Care Management.

MRI-Based Breast Exams Contrast Updated Codes:
The 2019 change deleted codes 77058 and 77059 and resulted in an expansion associated with
four codes:

  • 77046: Unilateral MRI breast exams without contrast
  • 77047: Bilateral MRI breast exams without contrast
  • 77048: Unilateral MRI breast exams, with/without contrast
  • 77049: Bilateral MRI breast exams, with/without contrast

    Codes 77046
    and 77047 encompass computer-aided detection (CAD), including CAD real-time lesion detection, characterization and pharmacokinetic analysis. This change has eliminated the need to separately add the HCPCS code 0159T for situations involving CAD.

New Code for Chronic Care Management:
CPT code updates for 2019 include chronic care management (CCM). This update allows providers to bill for at least a half hour of their time.

  • 99491: Chronic care management services provided personally by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional for at least 30 minutes.
  • This code is billed for CCM coordination sessions that are more than 20 minutes but less than an hour.