NEPHO Finance Team

Providing Financial Resources to the Organization and the Practices

The Finance Team supports management of successful payor contract performance, including commercial and public payor risk, and provides corporate financial services.

The Finance Team is responsible for the accounting and finance functions of New England Community Medical Group (NECoMG) and Northeast PHO (NEPHO).  Our responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing and monitoring monthly financial statements
  • Preparing and filing federal and state tax documents
  • Developing an annual operating budget
  • Monitoring payor contract performance
  • Tracking monthly/quarterly payor administration fees and related membership totals
  • Distributing provider payments, including capitation payments, withhold funds and payor surplus funds
  • Collecting service fees, referral management fees, stock payments
  • Evaluating and renewing corporate insurance policies
  • Supporting medical management and clinical services by providing reports on various contractual efficiency and quality performance targets and initiatives

Stacey Keough
Executive Director

Maureen von Zweck
Financial/Accounting Analyst