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November is COPD Awareness Month

According to the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation (PERF) 16 million Americans are diagnosed with COPD, and another 16 million people are thought to be undiagnosed.  52% of patients with COPD reported that SOB affected their quality of life.  Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the most effective treatments for COPD but only 2% of Medicare-eligible patients actually undertake a program (PERF, 2020)

At Lahey Outpatient Center and Addison Gilbert Hospital the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program’s main goal is to improve the quality of life. The program is available to anyone who has chronic lung disease, asthma, emphysema or undergone lung surgery. Depending on the patient’s particular diagnosis, they may enter the program through a referral from Pulmonologist or PCP in 2019 the Pulmonary Program at LOCD achieved certification by the AACVPR (American Association of cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation).

Lahey Clinic also offers a comprehensive disease management program with a multidisciplinary team whose goal is to improve and maintain quality of life in patients living with COPD

Lahey Outpatient Center
480 Maple Street
Danvers, MA 01923
978 304-8444

Addison Gilbert Hospital
(currently suspended due to COVID)
298 Washington Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
978 283-4000, ext. 443

Lahey Clinic
Lahey’s Center for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)  To make an appointment or for more information, please call 781-744-COPD (2673).

If you have questions please contact Lucia Kmiec, NEPHO Health Coach at 978-880-2318.