Population Health Topic

In March the NEPHO Quality and Population Health Teams conducted two office manager meetings for the practice managers and quality contacts. Quality measures and initiatives were discussed as well as available reports and outreach efforts. The purpose of this meeting was to provide practice managers and office staff with the information and tools they need to provide quality care for their patients and to coordinate efforts between NEPHO and our practices.

The key takeaways that we would like to communicate to our quality partners are:

  • The BILHPN deadline for the Diabetes Composite Measure is August 31st. Patients in this measure need to have a compliant A1c (< 9.0), BP (< 139/89) and eye exam before that date. Our target threshold is 37% or higher. The Diabetes Composite Measure applies to BCBS HMO only.
  • NEPHO will continue the mammogram concierge scheduling program for BCBS patients and conduct other cancer screening initiatives. We will be sending cervical cancer screening lists to the practices for patients who complete their pap tests at the practice.
  • The Patient Experience score is 25% of the BCBS total performance score. Support and training for staff is available.
  • Efficiency is also an important part of overall performance. Proper coding of patient conditions and complications has a significant impact on budget and expenses.
  • The hospital and NEPHO are working with the High Risk Intervention Team to reduce preventable readmissions.

If you have any questions regarding the 2022 Quality Measures and initiatives please reach out the Quality or Population Health Teams. Our contact information was included in the presentation which has been emailed to practice managers and quality contacts. We are here to support you and greatly appreciate your partnership.