NEPHO quality projects; quality measures, quality metrics

  • Pre-Visit Planning (PVP)
    • This initiative is designed to ensure each visit is meaningful and well-organized by shifting administrative tasks out of a patient’s appointment time so team members can focus on the patient – not paperwork
    • With PVP, providers have the information they need at the time of the visit, and the care team can address the patient’s needed services based on evidence-based care; staff has more time to collect copays, schedule necessary follow-ups and perform other tasks which must be completed when the patient is onsite
  • Best Practice Advisories (BPAs) for Providers on EPIC
    • BPAs are decision support tools that provide reminders and/or warnings to clinicians while they are documenting in EPIC based on pre-defined criteria. These criteria may include age, BMI and/or medical conditions
    • We report this data to the practice managers monthly to identify strategies for improvement
  • Patient Online Portal
    • Did you know that MyChart Central is a hub from which patients can access medical chart information? Lucy is a personal health record that gives patients a permanent home to organize all their medical information
    • Patients can request an updated copy of their medical record and store it in Lucy; promoting this application will help improve measure compliance.