Providing Infrastructure to Support our Members

Northeast PHO (NEPHO) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) that provides administrative and clinical services to our owners (New England Community Medical Group and Northeast Hospital Corporation).  We offer our providers tools and support to keep patients healthy while also helping providers succeed under our managed care payor contracts.

The Northeast PHO Executive Team is accountable to the New England Community Medical Group (NECoMG) and Northeast PHO (NEPHO) Board of Directors.

L-R: Stacey Keough, Lisa Driscoll, Shawn Bromley and Dr. Joseph Peppe
The Executive Team is responsible for:
  • Providing strategic and clinical leadership to establish short term and long term goals for the organization
  • Implementing action plans to establish priorities
  • Leading physician committees to engage physicians in efforts to improve utilization and quality and to communicate contract performance and goals and
  • Directing the Performance Improvement and Medical Management teams
  • Managing day-to-day support of PHO administrative functions, including staffing and budget oversight
  • Collaborating with Lahey Clinical Performance Network (LCPN) to focus on contract initiatives and population health management strategies