Referral Order Preference List

The BILHPN – Beverly LCU Referral Order Preference Lists have been updated and can provide your clinician with the full BILHPN – Beverly LCU Specialist directory to help facilitate the ordering of clinical services for their patients.

As a reminder:

  • Enter the name of the person to copy from (Ann Cabral) and the name of the person to copy to (self)
  • Select Outpatient to see only the Outpatient Orders. 
  • Check the box next to Referrals that you would like to copy
  • In the “Copy Option” field, select Merge or Replace. 
  • This option will replace your current Referrals favorites with the new list
  • Click copy on the lower right-hand side
  • The system may take a few seconds to copy the preference list. 
  • When the copy is complete, you will see a pop up window indicating that copy is complete and click on OK

EPIC users please contact Ann Cabral at if you have any questions on how to copy the BILHPN – Beverly LCU Specialty Referral Orders into your EPIC Preference List.