MassHealth Communications

Communications to Providers

Northeast PHO emails

  • PCP Tiering Requirements Support Documents
    • Oral Health Screening
  • MassHealth ACO FAQs
    • Go-live: week 1 FAQs
  • WellSense MassHealth ACO/BILHPN Office Manager Presentation 3/8/2023
  • WellSense BILHPN Monthly Newsletter: monthly beginning October 2022-present
  • BILHPN Centralized Care Management Updates
  • WellSense MassHealth ACO PCP Cap Rate and April Membership

Please reach out to for a specific communication that you are unable to find.


WellSense Primary Care Sub-Capitation program announcement

  • WellSense Welcome Kits will be mailed to members in March. Details of the Welcome Kit are being finalized and we will share copies when available


Communications to Patients


  • Communications to MassHealth patients from MassHealth about a change in their health plan/ACO

February – March:  MassHealth will outreach to existing membership. Two different letters will be mailed based on members’ current and future assignment. This mailing will come directly from the State and is based on the State’s membership data. 

  • Letter 1: If a member is moving to a new ACO and MH can identify a PCP practice assignment in MMIS  
  • Letter 2: If the member is moving to a new ACO but their PCP practice is either unknown or is no longer available to the member
  • Communications to MassHealth patients from MassHealth about a “restart” of eligibility determinations.
    • During the public health emergency (PHE) tied to the pandemic, all Medicaid agencies paused “redetermination of eligibility”, the process by which MassHealth verifies that patients are still eligible for benefits.  

April 1: Redetermination of eligibility may begin.  When continuous coverage requirements end on April 1, 2023, MassHealth will return to their standard annual eligibility renewal processes.

There are two phases of communications that MassHealth will be sharing with members to educate them on this process:

  • Communications Phase 1: Prepare for renewal of all MassHealth members
    Timeline: January 2023 through Mid-March 2023
    Key messages:

    • Update your contact information
    • Report any household changes
    • Create an MA Login Account
    • Read all mail from MassHealth
  • Communications Phase 2: Educate members about how to renew their coverage
    Timeline: Mid-March 2023 through June 2024
    Key messages:

    • Update your information with MassHealth
    • Check your mail for a blue envelope from MassHealth
    • Respond to MassHealth before the deadline

Upcoming Training Dates

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