The Northeast PHO has successfully implemented Telehealth
services in four practices. Telehealth services are becoming a focus point in Massachusetts and nationwide, especially with the current COVID-19 news. This communication is to offer our support to help establish a fully operational Telehealth program within your practice.

Please reach out to Alycia Messelaar directly, at 978-236-1784
or if you are interested in learning more about implementing a Telehealth program within your practice. A NEPHO Telehealth Team member will work with you directly to ensure a solid program is developed and implemented.

The NEPHO Telehealth Team looks forward to working with you on this fast moving telehealth program initiative.

Thank you,

NEPHO Telehealth Committee
Jessica Bryan
Stephanie Cunningham

Meg Doyon
Alycia Messelaar

Maureen von Zweck