Population Health Topic


November 13th 5pm-6pm via Zoom:

  • We invite all BILH patients and parents to attend this upcoming educational event focused on cancer screening and prevention.
  • Please feel free to print this flyer and hang it in waiting rooms, exam rooms, or hand it out to your patients.
  • Speakers will include:
    • OB/GYNs: discussing the importance of routine cervical cancer screening
    • Ali Wiklund FNP: discussing the importance of on time HPV vaccination, and the catch-up recommendations for HPV vaccination.
    • Patient With Cervical Cancer: will be discussing their patient experience/impact story of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

Please click here to view, download and print a flyer.

For more information, contact Ali Wiklund at Alison.Wiklund@Lahey.org