NECoMG Board of Directors

New England Community Medical Group (NECoMG) Board Members


  • Pierre Ezzi, M.D., President
  • Stephen Barrand, M.D., Treasurer
  • Richard Mugge, M.D., Secretary

Class P (PCPs) Directors

  • Kathryn Hollett, M.D., Class P Director
  • William Medwid, M.D., Class P Director
  • Eric Sleeper, M.D., Class P Director
  • James Maguire, M.D., Class P Director

Class S (Spec) Directors

  • Richard Mugge, M.D., Class S Director
  • Robert Cipolle, M.D., Class S Director

Northeast PHO Members

  • Stacey Keough, Northeast PHO, Executive Director, ex-officio (without vote)
  • Joseph Peppe, M.D., Northeast PHO, Medical Director, ex-officio (without vote)
  • Shawn Bromley, Director of Contracting and Operations (without vote)