Population Health FAQs

Population Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My patient needs a Mammogram, who do I contact?

You can give your patient Lucia Kmiec’s phone number 978-880-2318, and she can call/text her to request an appointment.  You can also have your patient call 866-479-3208 to reach Scheduling.

I need FIT tests for our office, how do I get them?

You can contact Lucia to request FIT Tests for your office.  Her direct line is 978-880-2318.

How do I get additional assistance managing a complex patient with Diabetes?

You can reach Lucia Kmiec, NEPHO Health Coach at her direct line 978-880-2318  or lucia.kmiec@lahey.org.

Are there any support groups available for patients with Diabetes?

Yes there are, click here for more information.